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Cat sleeping more than normal cat may be suffering from an infection that may be easily treated or he may have a more severe illness such as cancer. You cat sleeping more than normal be used to your cat sleeping a lot of hours, however as your cat gets older, he will tend to sleep more to conserve his energy. Many cats also vocalize more if they are in pain or anxious. They may also signal pain, which can cause aggression. These same signs may indicate a medical condition. Be aware of subtle changes in your cat's behavior, and make an appointment with The Cat Hospital if you notice behavioral changes that could be a sign of illness. If your cat goes to the food dish and then backs away from it without eating, nausea may be the source.
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Stressed cats may spend less time grooming and interacting, or they may spend more time awake and scanning their environment, hide more, withdraw and exhibit signs of depression. Changes in those interactions may signal problems such as disease, fear or anxiety.

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It is important to understand that inappropriate urination and defecation often accompany an underlying medical condition and do not occur "to get back at the owner. Decreased food intake can be a sign of several disorders, ranging from poor dental health to other, more serious conditions.

Why Is Your Cat Sleeping More Than Usual?

A cat that is sleeping more than usual may have an undetected illness or the extensive sleeping hours may also be caused by pregnancy or old age. It is good to. If you feel your cat is sleeping more than usual, address the list above and rule out anything you can. What can't be ruled out can be looked over by a Vet. [Editor's Note: Remember, bringing your cat in for regular checkups is your best If your kitty seems less than enthusiastic about moving around or playing, it may If your cat seems to sleep all day when he used to be active, he may be . He's no longer vocal (he was very chatty before) and last night, he sprayed in the.
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As cats age, there is increased risk for arthritis. The cat may be suffering from an infection that may be easily treated or he may have a more severe illness such as cancer. See our page on cat skin problems and hair loss in cats for in-depth information.

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If your cat goes to the food dish and then backs away from it without eating, nausea may be the source. It was easily the size of both your fists, putting pressure on all of his belly organs. Note whether your cat's coat is clean and free of mats. It just happened twice in the last couple of weeks. On the other hand, obesity has become a serious health concern in cats, with increased risk of diabetes mellitus, joint disease and other problems.
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Weight changes often go unnoticed because of a cat's thick coat.
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Jul 17, Cats sleep — a lot — but what's normal and what's not? Discover some facts on cat sleeping habits from kittens to adult cats to senior Because of their innate predatory nature, cats need much more sleep than you and I do. If your cat is sleeping all day and not eating or generally just seems like he's not feeling well, there's a By being aware of your cat's regular activities and his general healthy physical A decrease in food intake for more than a couple of days. A cat should respond quickly to usual stimuli, such as the owner walking into the room or cat food being prepared. If your cat is sleeping more than usual or has.
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