Citrus cat repellent

Back citrus cat repellent before reply. November 1, at Lime, wild orange, or grapefruit essential oil will work in place of the lemon. May 22, at 1: Spray the mixture on desired locations. Need help as I live in an area which I need to pick up after my dogs.
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Shoot my cat and be put int the hospital or worse. BS Bob Smith May 18, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Homemade Cat Deterrent Spray - Stop The Scratching and Accidents - Mom 4 Real

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Bet you wouldnt like it if i came and shit on your outdoor furniture. The cat problem is a human problem of a lack of accountability. Totally agree on the cat problem Donna.

Homemade Natural Cat Repellent

Friendly (but Effective) Cat Repellent: Learn to make friendly (but Effective) cat This spray is great for training your cat or repelling the neighb (one of the plants they make citronella from), or anything with a citrus sent I.e. Orange peel. The first part will cover home remedies for training cats to stay away from The second part will cover outdoor repellents for keeping cats away. That's why I wanted to try a mild approach for my cat repellent and I used only natural ingredients that I know cats normally hate, like citrus peel. In addition, I.
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Living very close to a restaurant attracts Ferrell cats who forage for food and keep rats at bay — however they are fairly aggressive and have attacked both my domestic cats on our property resulting in high vet bills. Fill the bottle with water and mix well. You'll want to apply a light dusting, not a thick layer.


She is allowed outside when I am there to supervise. I also keep my cat indoors for this reason and also for his own protection from diseases, traffic, other animals and any other dangers he might encounter while roaming the neighborhood. Not all cat owners are as respectful as you. November 12, at 3: Getting ready to set up the Christmas tree and I want to make sure that the cat doesn't find it inviting.
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Apply the mixture to preferred outdoor areas. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.
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6 days ago Cats Generally Hates Citrus Fruits and Smells Be wary of using too much lavender, though, if you're thinking of making it a deterrent. Cat repellent recipes submitted by our readers that you can make at home. to several animals including cats and they are supposed to find citrus off putting. Cat dislike citrus scents, so any combination of orange, lemon, lime, and/or tangerine peels that totals a cup.
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