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It was an honor and a privilege to spend the best part of a decade with you. Went through her fast. My house feels like an empty shell. My baby Mindy was put to sleep 3 days ago. As soon as I got up, miss my cat be walking and sitting between my feet, and sometimes he'd try to climb up my legs. We made an appointment with our vet, but I stupidly missed miss my cat, thinking it was on another day.
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He had become my habit and i was soo obsessed over him I know so is my mom, and she will even more when she comes home to the empty flat. Friends have given their sympathy, but I couldn't eat for 2 days.

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I held her in my arms as the Vet started the two shots that would peacefully end Kidd's life it was the hardest day of the six months for I had in May a heart attack and stroke. Suffice to say we did everything.

What do I do if my cat goes missing?

I miss the feeling of your fur against my cheek, warm and soft. you fold your paws underneath your fluffy body to transform into a Cat Loaf. Could your cat be knocking over that water glass because he loves you?. She was only 10 and was THE most cuddly and adorable cat I've ever had (I've had 7 cats in my lifetime from min 1 year old to passing) and she LOVED to be.
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Recovering from the loss of a furry friend takes time.

Bonny did have a sister. She went so fast. I love You my Simba boy. If you have had any deliveries or live in an area where delivery vans are often stopping, give them a call as well as your cat might have jumped inside a van, been driven off and jumped out in a different area of Orkney. I had to have my cat of 10 years put down today. Did I cause your death? He is such a loving cat smart because he would stand on his hind legs and try to try the door knob with his front paws just to see me.
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You cling to me so much when you were in pain the last few days but I'm powerless.
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One of my two cats, Jennifer, died about a month ago. I miss the complexity, the amusement, the joy, and even the occasional nuisance that Jennifer was. Yes. She was only 10 and was THE most cuddly and adorable cat I've ever had (I've had 7 cats in my lifetime from min 1 year old to passing) and she LOVED to be. Sadie Holloway, a proud cat parent, is a strong advocate for adopting pets from animal shelters and rescue organizations. Here are some of the things that I learned about pet loss and grief when my cat died. I hope these tips on coping with grief when an animal companion dies can.
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