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It is secured in the back with a ribbon. The original masks were rather simple in design, decoration, and often had a symbolic and practical function. This article appears to contain venetian cat mask, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Venetian cat mask mask's beak-like chin is designed to enable the wearer to talk, eat, and drink without having to remove it; thereby, preserving the wearer's anonymity. The mask was only just large enough to conceal a woman's identity and was held in place by the wearer biting on a button or bit the women wearing this mask were unable to speak, hence muta and was often finished off with a veil. The "volto" is also quite heavier than a typical mask and has a much tighter fit; many people who experience claustrophobia do not wear venetian cat mask "volto" at the Carnival.
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The craftmanship is the best in Venice.

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It is secured in the back with a ribbon. In my version, the open book which means Venice is at peace says, Immagina Imagine , instead of the traditional Pax tibi Marce Evangelista meus Peace be with you, Mark, my Evangelist. Near the end of the Republic, the wearing of the masks in daily life was severely restricted.

Venetian Cat Mask Silver Craquele Uniton Venetian Cat Mask (Black): Clothing. The first reason for the multitude of cats in Venice in the past centuries was That's why among the various Venetian masks are also the cat. Venice has a lot of cats and inspired the mask makers of mask shop Venice to make this cat-mask. It is nicely decorated with gold leaf, pieces of Mozart's sheet .
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As masks were also allowed on Ascension and from October 5 to Christmas , people could spend a large portion of the year in disguise. You can help by adding to it. Retrieved from " https:

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Note from Cat -- ah, the good old days! The plague doctors who followed De Lorme's example wore the usual black hat and long black cloak as well as the mask, white gloves and a staff so as to be able to move patients without having to come into physical contact with them. That was a great article, thanks. In , it was decreed that men were forbidden to dress up as women and enter convents to commit indecent acts. Venetian Masks Hi, Loved your article. The first episode of the game is set during the Carnevale, and large enemies wear masks. The original shop at the foot of the Rialto Bridge is not much bigger than a closet, and shares a wall with one of the oldest churches in Venice, the 11th century San Giacomo di Rialto.
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Its use as a carnival mask is entirely a modern convention, and today these masks are often much more decorative. If you live in Venice for awhile, you can understand why they evolved.
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At a Glance: This Mosaic Venetian Cat Masquerade Mask is a traditional carnival of Venice Gatto mask for women. A lightweight non-flexible cat-shaped mask is. Masks have always been an essential component of the Venetian carnival outfit includes female clothing and a mask portraying a female cat. The wearing of masks in Venice is a tradition which goes back as far as most fascinating stories in Venetian history is behind the cat mask.
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