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I thought it was fantastic. The choir was followed by the first animal act of the night: Ironically, Simon, one of the judges was me-wowed too with those cats. Next up was Yumbo Dump, a novelty comedy act comprised of two former ramen restaurant workers from Okayama, Japan. You sang that song americas got talent cats well. Don't have an account? You are representing your country.
Neko - Age: 31
Price - 75$

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America’s Got Talent – 2 Cats and a Blog

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I thought it was fantastic. I want them in the show all the way to the end.

These insanely talented cats could win America’s Got Talent

The Savitsky Cats returned to the “America's Got Talent” stage during the Quarterfinals 2 episode, but all did not go as planned. While “AGT”. The Savitsky Cats went on 'America's Got Talent' and they were amazing!. Cat-astic! The Savitsky Cats blew the 'America's Got Talent' judges away in May. Now, they're back with a new set of tricks to wow Simon.
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Cleo - Age: 34
Price - 151$

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The Savitsky Cats, 10 cats, who were trained by a family from the Ukraine. You can make votes appear. This site uses cookies. And you definitely are memorable. When we talk about people coming on the Live Shows and having a moment, that was a moment. MelB said she liked the music more than the act.
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Eli - Age: 21
Price - 141$

You left everything on that dance floor, the moves, the twists, the choreography.
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THERE ARE CATS ON AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!!!! The Savitsky Cats: Super Trained Cats Perform Exciting Routine - America's Got Talent A cat act on America's Got Talent left Simon stunned, as a troupe of cats jumped through paper, walked on their hind legs and performed. THERE ARE CATS ON AMERICA'S GOT TALENT!!!! The Savitsky Cats: Super Trained Cats Perform Exciting Routine - America's Got Talent
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