How to keep cats out of christmas tree

What Is a Group of Cats Called? Tinsel, if used at all, should be placed up high as it is likely to be how to keep cats out of christmas tree off by a curious cat, and it can be very harmful if ingested, including getting caught in the stomach and intestines. Try to find shatter-proof bulbs and ornaments. We had tried about everything foil, dryer sheets etc and almost did not put up the tree this year because of the cats wreaking havoc on it every year. Blander, less shiny or flat matte objects which don't dangle much will have less allure for your cat. Ribbons and other items that dangle from the tree can also be potentially harmful for your cat. If you have lots of guests or even one overbearing onereserve a quiet room for your cat, away from the crowd.
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We can't get her to stay away from the tree no matter what we do.

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5 ways to cat-proof your Christmas tree | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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Simply unplug the lights from the extension cord to turn them off.

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Cats and Christmas trees are a great combination—provided they're a This article presents a number of ways to keep kitty safe from the tree, and vice versa. Cats are best friends, but they do get mischievous sometimes. Keep the tree away from launching zones (e.g., furniture) that your cat uses, in order to reduce. Here are a few things to keep in mind when placing a Christmas tree in a home with cats: How to keep your cat from chewing on pieces of the.
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But for cats, the holiday season is also filled with hazards—from visitors who leave the front door wide open to ribbons that look inviting but can wreak havoc on the feline digestive system if they are swallowed. Consider not having certain decorations at all.

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Artificial snow is toxic and should not be used when you have pets and small children. It's extremely dangerous , even life-threatening. We had tried about everything foil, dryer sheets etc and almost did not put up the tree this year because of the cats wreaking havoc on it every year. Yioti Joannou Oct 14, And sleeping, of course. Dangling electrical cords are an invitation for a kitty to play and bite.
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By Sarah DeHart [1 Comment]. Mild deterrents that don't seem to come from you can be helpful in showing your cat the tree isn't a fun thing to mess with. For a kitten, a tabletop tree might be a suitable choice until it grows up and becomes a bit calmer.
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Cats are slinky little creatures. So even though you have set up a nice little perimeter around the Christmas tree to keep them out, cats have a way of squeezing. And they are eyeing the Christmas tree we brought home over the weekend of spray repellents you can use to keep cats away from your tree. I've seen people attempt to keep their cats away from the Christmas tree by creating an aluminum foil moat or encircling it in a folding dog.
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