Kitten born blind

Risk factors for relinquishment of cats to an animal shelter. Important The information provided here has been put together by experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. This encourages independence and stimulates predatory kitten born blind. Eyes sealed shut and ears folded down, they rely on smell, touch and temperature 2 for the first two weeks of life. In addition, it should not be encouraged through petting or kitten born blind positive reinforcement.
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In addition, the kitten may ingest something harmful. Another potential behavior problem of orphaned kittens is nonproductive sucking.

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Then, when the kitten starts sucking on the person's skin or clothing, place her on the floor and give the kitten the old cotton towel to suck on.

Blindness from untreated eye infections

If your kitty is born blind, your special attention and care are all that are necessary to help your furry prince or princess. Blindness doesn't have to stop your kitten. Is there a possibility that he is just late on opening his eyes from birth? Best to get a vet's opinion to be sure. If it turns out that he is blind, don't write him off. Blind Kitten Immediately Falls In Love With The Man Who Saved Her a little different — she'd been born blind, although June didn't seem.
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It is therefore extremely important that cats with eye infections are given veterinary attention. Gently pick kittens up, with one hand under the back legs and the other around the chest, ensuring that they feel safe and secure.

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Eye infections are often treated with eye drops or ointment and usually respond well to treatment. The presence of littermates, and even older cats, can help modulate the kitten's play behavior so that it is more appropriate. A kitten's development from a helpless, dependent newborn into an independent and agile creature possessing the grace of a skilled acrobat is a rapid yet complex process affected by many factors. Although the "capture" of hands or feet may seem cute, it will be unwelcome as the kitten gets bigger and the ability to cause injury increases. By the fourth week of life, social play arises and increases until 11 to 14 weeks of age - and a lifetime for some. The more variety and number the better. Understanding the behavioral development of kittens, and its link to physical development, is a critical part of this process.
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For the kitten to develop normally, growth of the cats' musculoskeletal, nervous, organ and mental systems must occur in the correct sequence. Likewise, feline herpesvirus is also a highly contagious virus that can lead to conjunctivitis, as well as less commonly , keratitis, which is the inflammation of the cornea the transparent front part of the eye. This provides orphans the next best chance for normal development, as long as exposure to people during the critical socialization period is achieved.
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If you can catch incipient blindness early, your cat can receive treatment that can .. Is a kitten blind if it has very dark bluish and gray eyes and doesn't act like it. Puppies and kittens are born with their eyes shut and ear canals closed, which makes them functionally blind and deaf for their first few weeks. A tiny orphaned kitten was found late last year by a caring citizen in Cape Town, This poor stray was alone and sadly, born completely blind.
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