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But generally males weigh 12 to 20lbs and females 8 to 15lbs. Ragamuffin cats for sale owners have even reported teaching them tricks. Free Updates For Cat Lovers! A nice combination of sweet and smart, he is often described as puppylike for his friendly personality and willingness to play fetch, learn tricks and walk on a leash. They are an intelligent breed.
Ariel - Age: 25
Price - 67$

Ragamuffins were created by breeding out Ragdolls with other long-haired domestic breeds. Ragamuffin cat health problems Unfortunately health issues can arise in any purebreed cat. He greets visitors warmly and would meet you at the door with a martini if only he had opposable thumbs.

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Typical Ragamuffin cat size can vary. Thanks to their even-temperament, they are comfortable with both kids and other pets.


RagaMuffin Kittens & RagaMuffin Cats, Shrewsbury Shropshire. Blue Colourpoint , Seal Colourpoint, Bi-Colour, Tortie & Tabby Points. Loving family desperately seeking to share our home with a ragdoll or ragamuffin cat. We lost our ragdolls (one through old age at 18 and the other from £ This video is so adorable of these 2 Ragamuffin kittens I have for batterseamessandmusichall.com is a Tortie girl and a Tabby boy. Love watching there personalities change daily.
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sylvester - Age: 32
Price - 115$

According to the CFA breed standard, both females and males are muscular with broad chests and shoulders.

What is a Ragamuffin cat?

The calm and even-tempered Ragamuffin is an ideal family cat. They should be supervised when meeting other furry family members, at least until you are sure they have no issues. Always teach children how to hold the cat properly, supporting both the hind end and the front end, and have little children pet him while they are sitting on the floor or on a sofa so they can be on the same level as the cat without trying to hold him. Ragamuffin cat personality Ragamuffins are one of the most sweet-natured cat breeds. A Ragamuffin cat is a breed of domestic cat, first recognised as a separate breed in A reliable and trustworthy breeder will help you choose the best kitten for you, and provide details of its parentage, health history and needs. As standard, breeders should screen for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy HCM.
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Roxy - Age: 28
Price - 160$

Your email address will not be published. Ragamuffin cat health problems Unfortunately health issues can arise in any purebreed cat.
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Meow! Why buy a RagaMuffin kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of RagaMuffin kittens who need a home. GW Muffins is a registered cat breeder of authentic RagaMuffin kittens for sale in the Kansas City, MO area. Contact our cattery at for info!. Find local ragdoll or ragamuffin in cats and kittens in the UK and Ireland. Rehome buy and sell, and give an animal a forever home with Preloved!.
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