Why is my cat so shy

Cats de-stress more quickly if they can hide, preferably somewhere high and dark, such as behind sofas or on shelves preventing other cats from entering your home by windows, doors or cat flaps. As your cat becomes braver you can try: Genetics - some kung fu cat are naturally more why is my cat so shy than others. It is better to give a nervous cat a feeling of invisibility, to allow it to move around the home without being the focus of attention. The cat should receive gentle handling at that point. The response to that perceived danger is often to escape rather than stand and fight.
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Important The information provided here has been put together by experts in feline health, behaviour and welfare. You will also get free access to more than , Mercola.

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Shy Cats | Help & Advice | Cats Protection

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Cat experts and advocates like Jackson Galaxy are helping cat caretakers understand that shy kitties are often capable of learning to be more confident, approachable, and sociable. If a cat is afraid of people—maybe guests, maybe a spouse—you can slowly recondition it to accept them.

Anxious cats

Cat Scared of Strangers: How to Calm Anxious Cats For example, the starting distance between a very timid cat and a complete stranger may be larger than. Some people confuse very timid cats with feral cats, however, a shy cat will usually bond with at least one family member, whereas feral cats. If you have an adult cat who's afraid of people, the main way to help him relax around guests is to encourage him to approach them very gradually and give him .
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This behaviour may be a sign of illness or pain but if no physical cause is found your veterinarian will refer you to a behaviour specialist who will be able to advise further.

Help your cat overcome their shyness

They do not respond well to changes in their environment. Owners must be able to offer something even more rewarding than this feeling of safety and relief that the cat feels on following its instincts if they want to stop it running. These experiences may result in a fearfulness that will convert her to a shy-acting inside cat. They keep their distance from humans, and while some have adjusted to living indoors with people, it's often not possible to turn a feral cat into a house pet because their instincts drive them to avoid human interaction. Where to get your cat or kitten. Constant attempts to communicate and demonstrate love, involving seeking a nervous cat out and extracting it from a hiding place or focusing on it as it enters a room is also undesirable for a timid cat, often making the owner look threatening and obtrusive.
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First of all, understand that visitors can be frightening to a cat right off the bat—the doorbell is loud, the conversation when people first enter the home is usually boisterous. When your cat acts scared, you probably already know whether your little furball is truly brave and just got frightened, or if she is always more on the meek side and afraid of everything.
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My cat hides under the bed most of the time, especially if there's lots of activity However, some cats remain very fearful despite a gentle welcome and time to settle in. Constant reassurance of timid behaviour in response to non- threatening. Some people confuse very timid cats with feral cats, however, a shy cat will usually bond with at least one family member, whereas feral cats. Q. My cat is very comfortable around my husband and me, but whenever anyone comes over to our house she immediately runs and hides.
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