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If we keep applying the vinegar daily, the cat seems to be avoiding the front door rug. He never touched that rug until no rugs were available in the bathroom. We have been trying a combination of keeping the rugs up off the floor for weeks at a time and spraying them with vinegar when they are on the floor. They'd still need to be clean and completely odorless no perfumesand scooped daily. I'm cat pooping on rug sure what you have and haven't tried, but I thought I'd bring up a couple of possibilities. Maybe your answer lies there. Take your cat to the veterinarian to check cat pooping on rug your sweet pet has any health conditions that are causing the litter box avoidance.
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I would still try dousing them completely with white vinegar and see if he continues to use them, and spot treat with white vinegar as well. So he's making sure they keep smelling like home.

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Cats are meticulously clean beings. He might go many days but, eventually, he will drop a load on a rug. At no time, when all three rugs were down did he poop on any rug other than the tub rug.

Why Do Cats Poop on Carpets?

It's no fun to have a cat pooping on the floor. Solve this frustrating problem by changing your litterbox setup, reducing stress, and going to the vet. So, in the past several months, our cat has decided that the bath rug we keep next to the tub, the one around the toilet, and the two we keep in. There are a number of medical issues that could be causing your cat to feel uncomfortable about pooping in the box. If she experiences.
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We had to be super vigilant about scooping the poop, cleaning the box regularly, and we took to sprinkling fresh litter over the top every time after scooping to help it pass her sniff test.


I'll actually recommend against changing the cat litter, if he's been using it fine for years. Since I posted the originally, my wife has refreshed me on the cat's habit with the rugs For others, once at the end of the day should suffice. It might be easier to replace the rugs, I dunno. As in "never have rugs there again" or "replace with new rugs"? If so, then replace them all.
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If you find your puzzled cat eliminating over the surrounding carpet, try placing the box over a harder surface, such as hardwood flooring or tile. So, in the past several months, our cat has decided that the bath rug we keep next to the tub, the one around the toilet, and the two we keep in front of the front and back doors, are just dandy places to poop. Cats have a reputation the world over for being comparatively low-maintenance, hassle-free pets.
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So, in the past several months, our cat has decided that the bath rug we keep next to the tub, the one around the toilet, and the two we keep in. The last time I talked about cats pooping out of place ("What to do when likes his new comfy toilet spot on the carpet better, you may be right. Basically, when cats poop (or pee large puddles) out of place, it's for one Recently my older cat (one if 3) started pooping on my rugs, every.
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