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The mucosal immune system is largely responsible for coordinating proper immune responses by tolerating innocuous antigens and attacking foreign pathogens. I'm telling you, two is better than one - regardless of age. Jenna Meow 9 August at They were 4 two kitten old then two kitten just started being fostered. And it was the BEST decision.
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He was 18 and passed away on August 18,

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Companion Animal Psychology: One Kitten or Two?

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Cats can synthesize niacin , but their breakdown exceeds the rate that it can be synthesized and thus, have a higher need for it, which can be fulfilled through an animal-based diet.

Adopting a kitten? Why two are better than one!

In many cases, the pet parents had originally thought about adopting two kittens at once but were concerned about the added work. In reality, a. If you adopt or foster an orphan kitten in this age group, special care will need to be taken, including bottle-feeding the kitten for every two hours up to four weeks. Seven reasons why it might make sense to get two kittens instead of just one.
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Play with other kittens peaks in the third or fourth month after birth, with more solitary hunting and stalking play peaking later, at about five months. I'm just asking because there is still these weird myths about cats that really when thought about logically dont really pass for more than anecdotal. What one has the other must have too!

Companion Animal Psychology...

Shaylok 1 October at Unless you already have two dogs where as bring two kittens home to adjust might be to much to handle. They are beter than I could have expected and learning to get along with the dog from each other. For other uses, see Kitten disambiguation and Kitty disambiguation. I had had only one cat and when he died I'd intended to only get one cat. I meant to say the Rescue Shelter like the kitten's to be homed in pairs!
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A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals.
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In many cases, the pet parents had originally thought about adopting two kittens at once but were concerned about the added work. In reality, a. Two kittens are better than one! Rather than being twice the work, adopting a pair is actually half the work of just one! Litter mates keep each other. I think it's a good idea. Getting two kittens is usually better than one, because they 'll keep each other company, commit less mischief, learn from each other.
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