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If your cat is constantly squinting or pawing at her eye area, give her eyes a good inspection. Bulging can occur because of accident or trauma or an eye tumor. Look out for the following: Skin problems are one of the most common reasons pet parents seek veterinary care. Symptoms commonly include excessive scratching, thinning of hair above the base of the tail, crusts and cat groomers that come to your house, raised skin lesions. If left untreated, gums may become sore and ulceration may occur. From nail trims to bathing, a little maintenance goes a long way.
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Contact with certain chemicals or fabrics can cause skin irritation, as can exposure to the sun or excessive cold. Ear mites usually cause itching and redness around the ears, and a dark, coffee ground-like material can be seen in the ear canals.

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With your cat facing you, gently push back his lips and take a look. For short - haired cats:

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We can come to you for front-step hair-styling bliss. Our mobile grooming was the original service (for dogs) that got Zoom Zoom Groom off the ground. one dog/cat and an additional $6 per every extra dog/cat being groomed at your home. A Smitten Kitten offers Mobile House call Cat & dog grooming service. I groom grooming: I come to you and groom your furry friend right outside your home. We are mobile pet grooming spa salon offering nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, shampoo bath services for cats and dogs in the Greater Toronto Area.
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Even with the move to management, Chrissy never stopped working with animals and still finds the most happiness in helping pets.

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To Prevent Skin Problems Use natural, hypoallergenic soaps and shampoos recommended for use on cats. This highly contagious fungal infection can result in inflammation, scaly patches and hair loss. Introduce a toothbrush designed especially for cats —it will be smaller than human toothbrushes and have softer bristles. Bacterial or yeast infections: Many feline eye disorders can be treated with vet-prescribed drops or ointments—your vet will show you how to apply eye and ear drops at home. Do NOT cut this sensitive area. Expand to read more A variety of medical, dietary and stress-related issues can cause your cat to lose more hair than is normal.
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If gingivitis invades the tooth socket, the tooth may become loose and an abscess may form. Additionally, cats who are not groomed appropriately can become matted—this is especially true for long-haired cats.
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Wagging Tails LLC now offers a grooming service that comes to your doorstep and We come to YOUR home or office- so convenient! No tranquilizers used; Services done in about an hour; Perfect for cats, senior pets and puppies. Having The Pet Maven as your personal in-home cat sitter will assure your cats' environment and routine is maintained. In addition to providing house call grooming and cat sitting services, Helen has Private Cat Boarding (Coming Soon). Yes, cats do lick themselves, and their raspy tongue does aid in the our feline friends can benefit from regular professional grooming to enhance not only Chrissy shares her home with her furry children, Charlie, a 3 legged brown tabby, .
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