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Hudson lost nearly pounds on an extreme diet but gained nearly all of biggest ears in the world back biggest ears in the world few months later. When it comes to the animal kingdom, some critters hit the jackpot when it comes to ear size. It reached an impressive, record-breaking 14 feet during a record show in March The Serval's ears aren't for show; they are used primarily to hunt its typical prey, which includes rodents, birds, insects, frogs, and small reptiles. His hands measured The only other animals known to do this are the striped possum and woodpecker, which make the Aye-Aye one of the strangest primates on the planet.
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Yash Shah, a Surat, India native, can rotate both his hands and legs degrees. Chanel Tapper is the Guinness World Record holder of the longest tongue.

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World record breaking bodies: Longest nails biggest mouth hairiest face | Metro News

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They use their acute sense of hearing to locate their prey. The Fennec Fox is a well-known species of fox thanks to its signature large ears. Because of this, some Fennec Foxes have found themselves in the exotic pet market and they can be raised in captivity and kept much like a dog.

20 Of The World’s Biggest Human Body Parts

From the world's smallest waist inches-- to the longest female beard, 4Lui Hua: World's Largest Hand –his left thumb is inches long Guinness world record holder for the longest ear hair back in , when his. Radhakant Baijpai is known to have the longest ear hair in the world. he broke the record for the biggest ear tunnels, with his stretching over four-inches wide. World"s Largest Ears. largest_ears_ Daryl "Bear" Belmares(born July 10, ) has the world"s largest stretched earlobes at 5 1/2 inches. He is a pastor at .
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There is a huge difference in their stature. Circle of India via Twitter. Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook!


It turns out the mustache means more to Chauhan than just putting him in a book. Its ears aren't the only enlarged feature found on the Serval as they also feature the longest legs to body ratio of any cat species. Tyler Gilligan via Twitter. Whatever their reason for evolving large, adorable ears , these animals are the ones with the biggest of them all. The Jaipur, India native has been growing his mustache since This man takes quite a bit of pride in his mustache. The rubber boy can contort his body in another concerning way:
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The men in the Aceves family are covered in thick hair from head to toe excluding their hands and feet, while the women have lighter hair.
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Radhakant Baijpai is known to have the longest ear hair in the world. he broke the record for the biggest ear tunnels, with his stretching over four-inches wide. Harbor is an 8-year old Black and Tan Coonhound with big ears. His ears are so big, he now holds the Guinness World record for the Longest. Every state in the US has set a Guinness World Record — but some are weirder than others. Records vary from oldest performing clown to largest collection of cloning of six calves from skin cells taken from a bull's ear.
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