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This lets the cats smell one another directly which is another step toward introduction. This is a process that can take a while. Several feet the first time for sure, about 3 on either side of the door is ideal to start. This is a great guidance and advice, so next time I have an opportunity, I will certainly follow your tips. This can tell you whether your potential new addition is more likely to jackson galaxy introducing new cat along with other cats than a completely unknown feline. The easiest way to do this is to feed the cats at the same time near the door.
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Reply Glad you found it helpful! If they sniff one another or just ignore one another and keep eating, great sign. Glad you found it helpful!

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Cat Introductions It's All About Patience! – Feline Behavior Solutions - Cat Behaviorist

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This is not the norm.

Cat Introductions 101: It’s All About Patience!

The common wisdom in introducing a newly adopted cat to a resident one in the past was Bring a new, utterly alien scent of the same species into the house. Thinking about getting a new cat but worried about introducing her to your resident Jackson Galaxy that explains this method for feeding and introducing cats. There are some cornerstone thoughts to remember when introducing dogs to cats in a new living arrangement. These revolve around the rather.
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If she reacts negatively, leave the brush with her along with some treats so that she can get used to it. For the best results you may need to place the bowls far from the actual doorway. What was the key to successfully introducing your cats to each other?

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There are two key ways to handle this:. Reply This is a great guide on how to introduce cats. Try to stop the exposure before agitation occurs — end the exposure on a positive note. There was an error submitting your subscription. Thanks Craig this is a comprehensive article and one I wish I had of read years ago. Start to expand the crack in the door while the bowls are near one another and see how the cats handle it.
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Do the same with the existing cat.
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Jackson Galaxy “I'm just gonna bring my cat into a room with this new cat and let 'em work it out.” Here's the right way to introduce your cats to each other. Thinking about getting a new cat but worried about introducing her to your resident Jackson Galaxy that explains this method for feeding and introducing cats. Instead, bringing a new cat home can trigger the territorial panic switch in your existing cat, and this often means war. So, do yourself and your.
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