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Do not remove the litter tray from indoors until your kitten has started using the garden. Find out what your kitten has been eating and when you first get home feed the same foods. Kittens have small stomachs and have to be fed little and often. Kitten play girl first injection can be given from eight weeks of age, with the second shortly afterwards. There is also kitten play girl vaccination that offers protection from the feline leukaemia virus which can affect the immune system.
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Kittens should be treated for roundworms at four to six weeks of age then regularly every two to three weeks until they are four months old. Should your kitten go missing for any length of time, you should look in cupboards, wardrobes, outdoor sheds etc in case your kitten has accidentally been shut in or got stuck. Your kitten might want to go to the toilet after meals, waking from a sleep, just after sniffing the floor, scratching or beginning to crouch and generally looking as if they are about to go!

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Taurine is an essential amino acid found only in animal tissues and cannot be produced in sufficient amounts by the cat. Keep the washing machine and tumble dryer door closed when not in use and check them before putting any clothes in. Spaying has no harmful effects.

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This FVRCP inoculation is usually given at eight, twelve, and sixteen weeks, and an inoculation against rabies may be given at sixteen weeks.

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The tray should be placed on newspaper to catch any litter pushed over the side during digging, but make sure it is not too deep for your kitten to climb in. Injuries could occur if the collar gets hooked on a tree branch or fence, or the kitten gets its foreleg caught up in the collar. Read and follow all feeding instructions carefully. When your kitten is over six months old and ready to go out alone more often, you are advised to fit a collar holding some form of identification and perhaps to carry a magnet or key to an electronic cat flap. Most cats will not touch such plants but kittens may be more inquisitive.
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Choose a dry day and a quiet time and accompany your kitten outside, allowing them to explore their new environment. Many owners find products to apply directly to the skin easier and less stressful to administer than sprays.
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