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Retrieved 14 July In the Warriors universe, a large group of feral warrior cat art has settled into a forest, and claimed it for their own. Dawn of the Clanswas published from to This was done by Lara from devianart. Oops I might have blended the.
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If anyone has any questions for me usernames, friends codes, rps, etc. Brindlepaw Personality and History:

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The ghosts of the fallen cats known as 'spirit cats' return to tell the fighting cats to "unite or die". Retrieved 25 April

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For art featuring Warriors OCs, you can visit our sister group:iconadvanced- warriorocs: Advanced tutorials involving anything cat-related, not just Warriors. Want to see art related to warriorcats? Explore #warriorcats. Related tags: # warriors #cats #warrior #cat #thunderclan #firestar #feline #hunter #erinhunter # . You can join even if you don't draw Warriors, as long as you love it~ This group is focused on ALL Warrior cats art on deviantART, we love to see more people.
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In The Sun Trail , prey is scarce in the mountain home of the Tribe of Pointed Stones, so a cat named Gray Wing and his companions must leave to find more food and a better home. You can see the scars Self portrait, headshot, etc required:


Occasionally a curious kittypet will wander into the forest to explore; at this point, they are chased away, but will rarely come to harm. D'X 3 years ago. Art was done by DuskDayBreak. A Vision of Shadows 5: Become a Premium Doll Divine member! Self portrait, headshot, etc required:.
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Warrior Cats Notebook Journal Warriors Firestar Bluestar Spottedleaf Book Christmas Holiday Gift School Warrior Cats Poster / Art / Print / Cat. Find great deals on eBay for Warrior Cats in Books for Children and Young Adults. Never-before-seen art and detailed backstories for forty more cats. Read Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw from the story Warriors Cats Art by IndianaSolo (~ThePowerOfLove~) with reads. art, firestar, bluestar. Another.
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