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The friendly and inquisitive LaPerm has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The pan is roughly cat not burying poop tall? Note that passwords are case-sensitive. What's the difference in her head? Houpt adds that a dislike for a certain type of litter can often lead to avoiding the box entirely.
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Sometimes our other cats will bury it, but usually it is just left uncovered.

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Cat Discussion Forums forums, you must first register. The litterbox sits on top of a piece of cardboard. The Lounge Forum Fun.

Why Does My Cat... Not Cover Her Poop?

Q: My cat won't bury his waste in the litter box. It ends up smelling very bad, and sometimes, when he gets out of the box, he steps in it and tracks it around the. Has your cat stopped covering up their feces in the litter box? 3 Reasons Cats Stop Covering Their Poop then burying it in front of them to teach or encourage the behavior, it's strange to think of but if it works, so be it. Most cats don't like change, and if not covering their poop is your .. cat will start burying it for the kitten (like she did for our old geriatric cat).
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Vetstreet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Meh, who can figure cats out?

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Password Please enter a password for your user account. Page 1 of 2. Once you and your vet have ruled out any medical issues, such as tender paws or painful elimination, you can start by trying out different types of cat litter. Right now, there's more pine than clay in there. Poops stink, pee doesn't?
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You bury it or get another cat who will bury it for her.
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Most cats don't like change, and if not covering their poop is your .. cat will start burying it for the kitten (like she did for our old geriatric cat). Cat poop may all smell the same to us, but cats can tell their waste apart from your cat may not be so sure, and will bury its waste just in case. Yes, it's a new thing. Miu covers up her pee, but not her poop. I read somewhere that not burying poops is a sign that she thinks she's the.
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