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Usually I can brush them and keep the snarls from even becoming matts. But i'll try your tip. Finally here is a video of one of my favorite holistic vets discussing shaving cats and dogs. This could persian cat shaved caused by pain, illness, discomfort, persian cat shaved from other animals or cats outside. Thanks for stopping my and commenting! However, it is not necessary to shave long haired cats.
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She can be very shy of strangers and weary of loud noises. I knew she was experiencing Re-directed aggression.

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1st Lion Cut for my Persian Cats | Meow Lifestyle

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She is also a cat with misdirected aggression tendencies. See this video from many years ago before even considering a lion cut… https: The second he was finished he was fine.

1st Lion Cut for my Persian Cats

Nov 30, There are a variety of reasons why people will shave cats. haired cats such as Persians need grooming a few times a week or their fur. May 15, Now that's a close shave! Persian cat returns from the groomers almost completely bald aside from a furry face (but his owners see the funny. Hello everyone I raised my persian cat since she was 9 weeks old; she is 6 now. For years we`ve been grooming her proffesionally, and it.
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I have eight cats, one with extremely long fur not a Persian.

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Options Quote message in reply? Tips on shaving a crazy persian cat. Mis-directed aggression can be scary. You can read my previous posts for more details about what I did to help end this aggression. It is a myth that long-haired cats should be shaved for summer. Otherwise, she never did or would scratch anyone. That depends on your cat of course.
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People love and are attracted to Persian cats and other long haired breeds because of their long beautiful coat, so why would you then shave them?
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Oct 8, Shaving Persian cats. My experience giving my two Persian cats a Lion cut. Apr 15, We have two beautiful Persian cats. And these guys are furry. We wage a constant battle to keep the fur at bay to avoid furballs tumbling into. May 15, Now that's a close shave! Persian cat returns from the groomers almost completely bald aside from a furry face (but his owners see the funny.
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