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Despite their athletic nature, they are very affectionate companions. The domestic short-haired and domestic long-haired cat types are not breeds, but terms used with various spellings in the cat fancy to describe mongrel cats of a general type, by coat length, that do not belong to a particular breed. It has been adopted simply small breed cats of the tradition which has grown up for using the names of countries and islands from south-eastern Asian for other Oriental breeds, such as the Siamese and Balinese. By Tasy Small breed cats https: Ragamuffinor Liebling obsolete. Mutation behavioral in a crossbreed, presumed Persian or Angoraand Birman or Burmese. CatsQuick Tips.
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The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds. Bengal and short-haired cats.

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List of cat breeds - Wikipedia

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Russian White, Black , and Tabby.

List of cat breeds

The three types of small breeds cats are dwarf, miniature and teacup cats. There are subtle differences between them, but basically these have the common trait. If the internet can confirm anything, it's this: we're a sucker for our cats. Big cats, small cats, cats in bags, cats in costumes, cats with strange. Little cats have a lot to offer. Get details and interesting trivia about 14 small breeds you might not have heard of and really ought to consider.
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Ragamuffin , or Liebling obsolete. Natural, but some crossing with Turkish Angora. Their short legs may prevent them from jumping very high but what they lack in vertical, they make up for in speed!

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In fact, there are three different types: The Cornish Rex is best known for its distinctively wavy, soft fur. American Curl , Munchkin , and Sphinx. Singapuras are playful, extroverted, and very intelligent. The Devon Rex is laid-back, relaxed, and goofy.
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Lists of breeds Lists of cultivars.
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Some cats are smaller than others, but have you ever wondered how tiny cats can be? Although there are people breeding for miniature sizes, there are some. Little cats have a lot to offer. Get details and interesting trivia about 14 small breeds you might not have heard of and really ought to consider. While any breed of cat, even the breeds that tend to turn out larger cats, can produce smaller specimens on occasion and many domestic moggies are naturally.
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