Teething Baby: What to Expect?

Teething comes to every baby in the world. You should be prepared when that time comes. Not every baby is the same when it comes to signs of teething some may not experience any sign. Some babies experience teething from four to seven months of age.

Be vigilant and watch out for early signs of this. If you don’t know what to expect we have compiled the thing to watch out for.


Teething causes your baby temperature to slightly go up. You may check your baby’s skin or cheeks and it may appear redder and feels warmer than normally is. But if your baby has a high temperature, it could be teething and combined with something else. You may consult your doctor.

Your Baby’s Mood

Aside from physical symptoms, there also behavior that are signs of teething. Mostly are irritable and more crying than usual. If the baby is still crying too much despite all efforts to keep it calm and your baby is fussy and irritable than usual, this may be because of the discomfort that teething gives to your baby. You may also notice that crying and fussiness is worse at night because eruption usually happens at night.

You should also know that too much fussiness and crying may also be brought by other conditions such as flatulence, colic, ear infection and other ailments.

To get your baby’s mood always positive, choose the best stroller for your baby. You can read more articles about strollers comparison on this site.

Biting or Excessive Sucking

Mostly babies show signs when the first tooth is about to push out of the gums. Most of the time babies’ bites and sucks on everything like toys, fingers and other things. If you notice this sucking and biting too often then this a good indication that your baby is teething.

You can check also if your baby or infant is rubbing his or her gums with the thing it bites or sucks. In addition to biting and sucking babies rub their gums also when they are teething.

How to Be A Good Sports Parent?

You always want what is best for your kid, when it comes to sports you should be full support. So how should you be a good sports parent? But before we answer that we should need to define what “sport parent” is.

Sport parent is simply a parent that supports a child that plays sport. A good parent should support her child in what endeavor he or she wants to do. When we talk about support not only the child but also the team, coaching staff, officials and peers.

Here are the practices that would make one a good sports parent:

Get Active

Walk the talk, if you want your kids to be active and engage in sports, you should be active also. Parents may think they are sacrificing their own physical activity for their child is the best option, but it is not. You need to be active in order to raise active children.

A simple jog and stroll in the park are already enough. What matters most is that your child can emulate your physical activities plus it is fun for your children and serves as a bonding moment for both of you. Get active on betting by getting your bonus promo codes from this website.

Encourage activity to Kids Not Specific Sports

Pushing your child to do a specific sport is not advisable. Your child may not be ready yet to do specific sport. It is important for us parents to know when our kids are ready and show interest. A simple activity can show you how your kid can be engaged. So, if you see your kid is more inclined to climbing your kid may likely engaged in gymnastics rather than in basketball.

Separate Identity from Sport

Parents only wants the best for their child. When you are a competitive parent feel the rush of adrenaline especially when their child performs well. A good sports parent should make sure that the identity of the child is separate from their athletic performance.

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